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Mummy Makeovers in Thailand

"It really did change my life !

Thanks to my Thailand makeover I was able to wear a two piece swimsuit for the very first time !”

"It started when I stumbled upon a story about a woman of my age that had Thailand plastic surgery and she was, for the first time, wearing a two piece swim suit. It made me think ……she could do it why couldn’t I ? Now look at me. I am proud to be my age and on the beach in my two piece swimsuit ! It really feels great and I am so happy with the result"

Jen was 42 when she read about a Flight Attendant who was a mother of three. The Flight Attendant had looked in the mirror to see 'boobs' just hanging there and her tummy was not what is should have been. Despite everything Jen tried she was not getting to where she wanted so she decided to do exactly what the flight attendant that she read about had done - undergo surgery in Thailand.

"I was not expecting to look like a 30 year old Elle Mc Pherson. I was realistic about my expectation but I did not want to look like I was. I felt it was time for things to change and time to do something for me”

And now Jen happily sits at the beach and at the pool proudly in her two piece swim wear !!

Oh you love being a mother and of course love your children but when you look in the mirror, you just don’t see the youthful body you recall before kids. After years of rearing kids you feel you would like to improve your appearance. Carrying babies and old mother time has caught up and now problems of sagging breasts, excess abdominal fat and a general look of fatigue and stress – these are common complaints among many mothers seeking surgery in Thailand. If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time for you to consider a Mummy Makeover inThailand ?

A ‘mummy-plasty’ Makeover combines a number of plastic surgery treatments into one total surgery – if possible all surgery is conducted in a single operation but sometimes there is the need for a few operations during the one trip to Thailand.

A Thailand Mummy Makeover surgery can really be any combination of the following:

  • Breast augmentation and a tummy tuck
    Breast Implant
    Tummy Tuck
  • Breast augmentation with breast lift and a tummy tuck
    Breast Implants and Lift
  • Breast reduction and a tummy tuck
    Breast Reduction
  • Any of the above, with liposuction

During a Thailand Mummy Makeover we addresss Three things

Your body will be sculpted ie: you will get back those body contours that went missing. Unfortunately no matter how much you may have dieted the fat deposits on hips and thighs aren’t going away – Even exercise often does not help and that’s why women have to turn to surgery in order to get back the good looking you of earlier years.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking Excess skin is fatty tissue. In Thailand excess skin will be removed enabling you to comfortably fit into those clothes that you used to wear. It is surprising that removal of only small amounts of skin can make you a lot smaller and of course significantly more comfortable. With a tummy tuck your abdominal muscles will be tightened and this will create a new waist too.

After having kids it usually means your breasts have either less volume or excess skin or both. We will arrange improved breast shape that compliments and accentuates your figure rather than one that overwhelms it. We will arrange breast surgery to enhance your breasts and restore them to a fuller, more youthful state.

Benefits of A Thailand Mummy Makeover

One of the major benefits of a single-sitting mummy makeover is the ability to create balance in a woman’s overall look and

*one recovery
*shorter recovery time
*fewer incisions in some cases

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thailand Mummy Makeover Procedure?

  • New mums
  • Mums who have had children a few years ago and plans to have no more children
  • Women who desire the shape to be as it used to be
  • Mums who seek treatment for shapelier breasts or a trimmer, more toned appearance
  • Mums with excess skin in the arms, legs, stomach, or other areas
  • Mums with excess stretch marks or fat deposits

At we have regularly organised more than one procedure during a trip to Thailand and with truly stunning results.